Saturday, 19 January 2008

Weimaraner lifespan

Hi there,
maybe I'm getting paranoid as I grow older myself, but I guess I'm looking for crumbs of comfort from Weimaraner owners out there wherever you are. My two Weims (brother and sister) will be 13yrs old in February 2008 and that apparently converts to 91yrs old in equivalent human years. I try not to think too much about it as they are both doing quite well health wise at the moment with the aid of supplements. But I do kinda worry about how much longer I will have them as the breed average age is apparently 10 - 12yrs. I'd like to know if there are any healthy Weims out there around 15yrs old?
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Collette said...

Hi Dave,
I just recently came across your blog while searching for information on the life span of the Weimaraner. I have a large male named Tiberius, that just turned 10 last month. I know he's at the age where anything could happen at any time. He's pretty healthy but like you, I've been getting paranoid about when this will happen or how much longer will we have with our old friend. During my search I've learned that the life span of the Weimaraner can by anywhere from 9 to 15 years. I hope that's true because it will be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to the old guy. I truly hope that when you read this message that your two Weimaraners are still with you, alive and well, in that your blog was written excatly on year ago. I'd be interested to hear back from you with any additional information you may have to offer on this subject.

Valley Springs, CA USA

Eager said...

We had a Weimaraner, Gomer. He was simply "the greatest dog". He was always around my children before they could walk until they reached high school. We live in the country in Joshua TX and didn't lock our doors because of him. I traveled and had no fear of my families protection with Gomer at the house. I met his parents, which were Silver Weimaraners but Gomer was pure Chocolate. He was 15/16 when he passed. I have not known a more intelligent, humble, loyal breed. They tend to get stubborn, but respectful, in their old age and should be given the respect and additional privileges they take, and deserve. All his life he wasn't allowed on the furniture but the medium and small dogs were. At about 13 he decided that was long enough, and we didn't begrudge him that right. He did always sneak a bit of anything he could reach if unattended but was so ashamed if he was caught. We have since been blessed with a reverse brindle Boxer (our second Boxer) but I lament the loss of Gomer frequently. If you have an opportunity to get one of these regal animals jump at it. As for us, we waited until the good lord put another big male dog in front of us. It happened to be our Boxer "Vader".

Chris Mitchell said...

My Weimer(KT) . passed away on 12/30/2012. She was healthy for most of her life and got stomach cancer in Novemember. She was a little over 16 y/o when she died. We had to put her to sleep. Toughest decision ever. She had a mass in her stomach liver and instestines. She lived a long healthy life. Love your dogs treat them well and they will be around. Weimers are tough awesome dogs. I really miss mine!

Chris Mitchell said...

My Weimer(KT) . passed away on 12/30/2012. She was healthy for most of her life and got stomach cancer in Novemember. She was a little over 16 y/o when she died. We had to put her to sleep. Toughest decision ever. She had a mass in her stomach liver and instestines. She lived a long healthy life. Lover your dogs treat them well and they will be around. Weimers are tough awesome dogs. I really miss mine!

thetree@jer17 said...

Our Weimie, Sherman, is 16 years old. Other than a large tumor growing on his belly, he is doing incredibly well. Still acts like a puppy when it's time to eat of go on walks. I know we will probably lose him soon, but we've been saying that for the last 5 years!

Kathleen B said...

Our beloved Weimaraner Ilsa turned 15 on May 26th of this year. She is fairly blind and deaf, but still acts like puppy like when we take her for a walk and she wants a treat. I'm happy to hear so many other people have had long lives with their Weims. Her temperament has always been outstanding, and she is a favorite with our friends and vet. My son just said he hopes she lives forever, and I agree! We've had her since she was 3 months old, and essentially the entire time we have lived in our house. I can't imagine life without her!

Cristal Azul said...

We have had Mancha and Canella for 13 years. We were looking for one, found two sisters, and brought them to our large beach property in Costa Rica. They took it over and took over our hearts as well. Soon there was Bruin, a male who needed to be adopted and soon thereafter was a litter of pups and Cafe whom we kept. Three more litters later, a new breed of dogs on the beach in the area and we have had an amazing time with all of them. We lost the males a few years ago to Erlichia, (canine tick disease) and were told the ladies had six months to live. That was four years ago and sadly, although we have been blessed with every extra day with them, I fear our time with the girls is coming to a quick end. The quality of life is gone, there is no control of bowels at times and one is almost crippled from a life long battle with bone cycsts and tumors. My babies are about leave me and I am devastated. The most amazing creatures ever in my life, our lives. We have five more here, each a different breed and love of ours, but Mancha and Cannella were my first babies. The ones who taught me the love of dog. 13 years of love. Many have said they have held on this long because of love. They have lived an amazing life, given us so much, kept our house safe, played with every child, welcomed every new dog we have brought home, and never left our sides. Best dogs ever. Cristal Azul in Costa Rica will always have Weimaraner angels as will my husband, son and I.

barbara H said...

I know this post is older but my weim duke will turn 15years old this november 2015. His energy level went from 100 to 10 he is healthy but tired. He will barely make a walk around half a block. He sleeps more lately but his apetite still the same. I noticed he gets sick more often if he drinks or eat too fast. He is beginning to bark more. I dont know how much time i have with him but he is doing as well as he could at his age.

Ulrike Herzhoff said...

mine just turned 14 years: Cosmo of Stewart Island.
he had started shitting his bed during the night and drips even when he walks inside the house last year December2014. so i really considered putting him down in January this year and now it is nearly November 2015!
I had a holistic vet as a visitor who told me to change his diet from a ready made food-mix to a "homemade" one consisting of 1/3mussels,1/3rice,1/3chickenmince.
in addition he gets a "health-pill" of joint-remedies and two fresh eggs.
I also started walking with Cosmo every morning and evening at a certain time for more than halfanhour.
I can tell you: Cosmo seems to have risen from death bed since I changed diet and routine: he hardly does the leaking during the night or dripping inside: he runs more, he seems happier and more alert.
but i know:
it will be sooner than later,when i have to put him down. i can't decide to ask a vet to give him an injection and take him to town or ask a friend who would shoot him at cosmo's favorite spot on a beach...

Tango's Mom said...

Our weim Tango just turned 15 in August. He has severe hip dysplasia and is deaf, but otherwise is hanging on. We lost his best friend, a female dobie, in May and he seems to have gone downhill some since then. He sleeps a lot but will get up and go outside and wander around and then come back in and lay down. He used to be very active and it makes me sad that he's not anymore. It's interesting to read the above posts, and heartening to hear that some have lived to 16 years. I've been really worried about the hip dysplasia...he cannot control his back legs, and when he rises from sleep, no matter what time of day, he struggles to stand and twists in circles and has balance issues. I find myself following him around all the time, either helping to pick him up, or keep him from falling. I love on him constantly.
My husband and I have always had Dobermans, prior to getting this weimeraner, and I can tell you he is the smartest, gentlest dog we have ever had. As he grew up he would amaze us daily with the things he would do and the things he would understand. Not a better dog in the world than our sweet Tango. I'm going to try some of the things you all have recommended and see what happens. So glad to have found this all have made me feel better.

Sarah said...

Our Weimaraner is 13 1/2, he has lumps and bumps all over him, is deaf and has poor sight but he is the loveliest dog I could ever dream of. Yes he's sleeping more now and often drags his feet, he can't manage steps very well and can't go for walks for long but he's plodding on one day at a time. He's an old man content in front of the fire. We will miss him incredibly when he goes. Hes the best dog I know with children, a real softie and has never really lived up to the breed standards so as for a life span of 10-12 years I say no, he says no. He's happy as he is with his loving family, a fire and a padded bed.